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I am nerdy, tall and thin and i recently got a copy of super mario 64. i wonder if this is a parody of my life

you just copied the name of my game which was made one full year ago, it came out in April, please change the name of this game and I will not report it from copying

Well, sorry, but Spooky Horror Game.EXE is a pretty generic name, so I don't think you really have the right to it, and I did not copy your name, and had no idea another game by the same name even existed. And even if our titles are similar, I'm sure the actual gameplay of the games aren't anything alike. Sorry, but I'm not changing it.

It's probably just me, but the typing is too slow.

Hey, yeah, it is a little slow by default, but it can be sped up to be a lot faster by holding the 'c' button.

mushroom platforms act too wonky (player character falls through the fourth platform 99+% of the time), makes rest of game inaccessible.

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That is really strange. I just tested it and I experienced no issues with the mushroom platforms, so I'm not really sure what's happening there.

I'll try to roll out a patch for that later.

I got stuck as well! Please bug fix, I was so enjoying this game! It was great! I had voices and stuff, but alas, I couldn't mushroom properly! =( So sad!  BUGFIX PLEASE PLEASE! hahahahahaha

I need to know what happens to Greg.  I just need to!

Thank you!