What is this Game?

A top-down Don't Starve-esque pixelated game where you attempt to just have fun creating stuff in a 2d space. There's also a door with a diamond lock or something, I don't know.

What are the controls?

This game is played entirely through the use of a keyboard. The basic controls are 'Z' to mine, 'X' to run, 'C' to place blocks and interact with items, 'A' to sneak, 'S' to enable scroll lock, the arrow keys to move, 'Space' / 'E' to open your crafting hud, 'L' to load the currently selected save, 'K' to save, 'P' and 'O' to switch between saves, and '?' to open the help menu. Fun stuff, I know.

There's an in game guide as well, so don't feel the need to look back here whenever you forget what a button does.

Are there any bugs?


*Originally Made for the JamCraft 2018 Jam*

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