Become the best level maker person ever in this expansive editor!

How do you Play?

While editing, you can place and destroy (9+) different colored blocks in addition to various other objects.  Each different color and object has a different function, either to help or hinder the player's goal to reach the end flag.

What's the Gimmick?

In addition to the normal level editing and creation tools, you may also notice a number listed underneath your selected block in the top left corner. This number represents the total number of blocks of that type the player can place throughout the duration of your level. This allows for unique and difficult 'puzzle'-centric level design that forces the player to use their resources wisely and strategically.

You could also just leave the numbers at 0, and create a normal platforming level.


You'll probably figure it out just fine, but, just in case you don't:

  • Use WASD to move your camera while in editor mode, and your player character while playing. (Pro tip: Holding 'shift' allows you to move your camera faster.)
  • 'T' can be used to start and pause the level, (along with just pressing the start/pause button).
  • 'G' moves the end flag while editing, and 'Middle Click' moves the player, again, while editing.
  • Holding the 'left' and 'right' mouse button while overlaying the 'total amount' texts underneath the block varieties allows you to increase and decrease how many blocks the player starts with respecitvely. (Pro Tip: The scroll wheel also works.) (Proer tip: Holding 'Shift' causes this value to change 8x as fast.)
  • Scroll Wheel to change your selected item in a category, left click to place objects, and right click to destroy them.
  • Left click on the object category box you want to build with in the top left corner to select that object group.
  • Hold 'R' to drag a large rectangular tile.
  • Hold 'E' to drag objects.

Originally made for the Pixel Weekend Jam #2, hosted by ManuGames.


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