Follow Jeremy Gray on his quest to save his friends, in this open-space exploration-based game!



A randomly generated universe!

Randomly generated planets!

Non-randomly generated upgrades to be bought from a shop!

Destroying planets and trees!

Basic combat!

Evil Robots!

Flying Around!

And More!


Important Controls:

While in space: Arrow keys to move, 'Z' to shoot, and 'C' to land on a planet.

While on planet: Arrow keys to move, 'Z' to jump, and 'X' to interact and destroy thing.

Press Enter to open the in-game options menu for the rest of the controls.

*Originally Made for the Bored Pixels Jam 2018 - Space*


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Good work mate ;)
Feels like 2D No man's sky ( in a way that its big)

(1 edit)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!